Inside Pioneer Woman’s Lodge

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Last week I had the honor of getting to stay at guest lodge of New York Time’s Best Selling Author’s Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman herself in gorgeous Oklahoma. I was filming a webisode of Putting it All Togethloralee ree and sheila.jpger Series produced by BlogHer and sponsored by Macy’s. Loralee Choate, Ree and I chatted mostly about fashion for real gals. (though they looked like models!)  While we coulda chatted for days, I have to admit to being distracted by the pure gorgeous-ness of Ree’s Lodge.

Luckily, you can find the full back story on how she and her husband, Marlboro Man renovated the place in 2009 from choosing the countertops to building the deck. As a home renovation junkie, I have loved reading all about it. I am sure you will too!

My pictures did not do this place justice. I was too busy and floored by the whole experience that I didn’t remember to ask her anything about what vendors she used or where she bought things.  Aack. (Bad blogger!)  But you can find all that on her site, where she chronicled the Lodge transformation.   Some of my favorite parts included:

  • Entertainer’s Paradise: The four bedroom, five bath Lodge is where guests stay. I expect it is where Ree and Marlboro Man, throw a pretty mean BBQ!  The deck is gorgeous and has simply an amazing view.  The whole lay out is open and yet comfortable – a perfect setting for a family dinner or a party for the entire ‘hood.   The palette was simple, modern, and distinctly cowboy.  I loved their wet bar, casual so you felt you could pour your own glass of wine.  Yet, modern enough to have both a wine fridge, ice maker and soda chiller all built in and at your fingertips.


  • Kitchen Nirvana: PW has a best selling book, so you can guess here kitchen is picture perfect. It is state of the art with an ample pantry complete with an HUGE sub-zero freezer for storing meat in the winter and prepping food for parties. There was a mix of granite, and stainless steel. Ree said, she “got the best of both worlds!”  The kitchen had a multitude of great little touches from the huge amount of counter space that could double as buffet stations to bar stools set up so you could pull up for a chat with the chef and help with cooking.

living room flowers

  • A Cozy Fireplace: Imagine a cold winter night with a raging fire going on in the middle of this space.  No matter where you are you are sure to feel its warmth.  Perfect.


  • Intelligent Seating: I also was impressed by her mix of sofas and chairs ranging from a pair of zebra printed chairs to deep chenille sofas placed near the kitchen, positioned to survey the delicious cooking and feel the warmth of the fireplace.   Every piece of furniture was easy, set up for guests to relax and all moveable so it would be a snap to host game night for a large crowd or a cozy conversation for two. Notice the animal print floor covering?  They were all over the Lodge unifying the look throughout.


  • The best reminder that you are on a working ranch: There was a wall of more than a dozen pairs of boots. Enuf said.


As a city girl, I have to admit, this place made me want to pack my bags and head to OK, ’cause if this is what it is like to live in the MidWest, I am ready to go.

Photos by Loralee Choate and Sheila Dowd.

Sheila Looking Left - Lookiloos

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  1. lea s says:

    thier lodge is gorgous and they did an amazing job! good for them

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