A Christmas Wreath with Mad Men Style

 Mad Men Wreath

Mad Men Wreath

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across a blog out of San Francisco —- Found: Rediscovered Objects for the Home.  (BTW, they also have a shop I’m putting on my list to see).  On this particular day that I “Found” them,  they had created a Mad Men wreath for a local fundraiser.  Now,  I absolutely loved their submission. Not to mention I love Mad MenJim Beam For those of you unfamiliar, Mad Men is an amazing series about an advertising agency in New York during the sixties.  (Shame on HBO for passing on this–but thank you AMC!) Now, being married to an ad guy, I thought “this would make a great wreath for his office.”  I started by sketching it out….what did I need?  Some little airplane sized bottles of booze, a pack of cigarettes—-not just any I needed Lucky Strikes.  My mail man delivered the Crate and Barrel catalog and I flipped through and spotted a martini shaker and martini glass ornaments, perfect.  Then I thought “I’ll check out the Facebook fan page and website for Mad Men.” And let me tell you, what a goldmine!  PopsicleI downloaded Sterling-Cooper’s Portfolio. Popped those babies into photoshop, re-sized, printed them out and attached to retro-looking ornaments (also found at Crate and Barrel).   My glue gun was heated and it was time to assemble.  I have to say, I had so much fun putting this thing together.  The hardest thing to find were those damn Lucky Strike brand cigarettes.  Maybe it’s because I don’t smoke, but I tried my neighborhood 7/11 and Walgreen’s—-ended up at a discount cigarette shop. That is a story for another day.  You know, when you feel the need to explain yourself and pretty soon your head is telling your mouth to shut-up–it was one of those moments.  The wreath was put up over the weekend and I’m anxious to hear what those ad people think on Monday.


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